Monday, January 27, 2014

Where Did Uncle George Get Too? (52 Ancestors, #3)

My grandfather and grandmother emigrated from Wales in 1878.  David Richard Gill and Ellenor Morrison had six kids—five boys and one girl—the first native-born generation in my family.  My father, Frank (1904-1971), was the youngest.  His brother George Morrison Gill (1899-1992), was next to youngest.  As was the custom, all of the children have the mother’s maiden name as their middle name.

Uncle George was the family photographer and a professional shutterbug.  George was working by 16, as delivery boy, apprentice, and even as a reporter for the Herald.  He started his photography career as a printer at Lumiere Studio.  George and Einer Lignell started their own studio in 1933 as Lignell & Gill. 
George registered for the World War I draft in 1918.  Like many Welshmen, he had blue eyes. 

George married Faye Juanita Bunnell on March 2, 1922, in Bountiful, Utah.  There were no children and the marriage ended in 1928.  The next year, 1929, George married Inez Durkee in Price, Utah.  They were married until Inez died in 1987. 
George and Inez owned a home at 1552 Bryan Avenue, where we visited in the summer.  We lived in Ruth, Nevada, at 7,000 feet where it was never really hot.  I still remember the miserable heat in Salt Lake.  The three little mine brats wilted in it. 

I still have the framed set of photos from our first summer visit. George placed a dining room chair in the garden.  One after another, he “shot” us.  The three photos show Diane, the youngest at 9 months, held up to keep her from falling over; me and Patsy (the oldest) in matching pinafores that mother made.  
Years later on another summer visit, we went to the movies with some cousins.  We saw the original “The Thing” (1951), with James Arness as The Thing.  Diane would run out to the lobby when she got scared, which was often; she had nightmares for years!! 

And then the strangest thing happened – George disappeared.  I trace him to a death certificate, but no burial location.  Same with Aunt Inez. 

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  1. Curious to hear how this one turns out. Good luck with your continued search.